Boss No Till receives Yes from UK farms

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Successful farming is all about knowledge. It’s about having the knowledge of each process that is completed in the cycle; knowing that each pass was completed without error, knowledge to help improve the next pass, and knowledge to improve next year’s crop cycle.

At Sly we are increasing our knowledge everyday thanks to field developments with our customers, innovations created with our partners, demonstrations and field trials on our own farms.

We’ve recently been sharing our knowledge during a series of field trials with our Boss Undercut Disc No Till Drill with a diverse range of farming businesses across the UK. From peas to oats, the results have been very impressive and the feedback extremely encouraging.

The Boss Undercut Disc No Till Drill is specifically designed for conservation/no tillage farming, key features and benefits include:

Unit Down Pressure
We mount the unit on a parallelogram. This means that down pressure is achieved via hydro-pneumatics. The hydraulic down pressure is connected to a sensor on the gauge wheel. This provides ultimate control of the coulter pressure, which in turn provides an ideal method of monitoring and controlling furrow compaction and depth.

Row Cleaning
The Boss drill system greatly reduces hair pinning when following a crop like wheat with chopped straw. The use of row cleaners is optional, but it provides the flexibility to choose the correct set up to meet the conditions of a given day. A Sly row cleaner is available with pneumatic down pressure, controlled from the tractor cabin.

The Disc and Seedboot Combination
The Boss unit features a double angled disc, working by snatching. By positioning the seedboot in shadow of the disc, the only soil contact point is the front of the disc. This feature means that greater performance is achieved when working in wet, sticky conditions where plugging/bunging can be an issue. Any wet soil is cleaned by an active scraper (the side wheel).

Two Gauge Approach
– Gauge with the side wheel
This position is most accurate when drilling in the best conditions or on prepared soil where there are no issues of penetration or furrow closure (fields that may have been lightly tilled or are in very good condition post harvest). The side wheel on the Boss system is mounted on a spring and acts as a scraper and keeps the soil in the furrow.

– Gauge with the closing wheel
The gauge wheel is positioned at the back of the unit and also functions as the closing wheel. This dual-purpose wheel closes the slot and gauges the seeding depth. The closing wheel, closing angle and the seeding depth are all adjustable without the need for tools, row by row. This provides ultimate control of the seed depth and closing furrow in any conditions or soil type.

See For Yourself
If you’d like to see what the Boss Undercut Disc No Till Drill can do for you and your business contact us today for a demonstration.

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